Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finding the time to blog and making new friends.

A few days ago Matt sent me an email requesting my input on an article he was working on. The article Finding Time to Blog About the Outdoors is all about how to make, or find, the time in a hectic time schedule consisting of work, family and now with the hunting season just around the corner, time spent in the woods to scout and prepare stand locations.

It’s a very well written article with lots of information and ideas of how different bloggers, that where interviewed for this article, deal with that pressing issue of making the time to write a blog entry every day. Writing takes time, most bloggers are in agreement that it takes about an hour out of each day to write. Plus another hour or so is spent visiting other outdoor blogs.

Sitting on a desk in front of the computer is for many hunters, including me, a bit of a contradiction. As hunters we love to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible looking for game or just enjoying our great nature. Yet, in order to inform others about hunting and our great heritage we’re “forced” to sit inside and write about hunting or hunting related issues.

Today I came across a brand new blog. Thanks Kristine for pointing that blog out to me. It says in Bryan’s profile that he is a freelance outdoor writer and speaker. This makes him somewhat related to me, at least the speaking part. I am an aspiring outdoor writer that feels much more comfortable talking about hunting than writing. Bryan is currently studying for his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. A few days ago he started his blog DeerPHD. So far he has written three articles, but judging from these articles Bryan will no doupt leave a very positive mark in the outdoor blogging world.

Talking about new blogs destined to make an impression. The Wild WoodsWoman is another noteworthy new blog on the blogger horizion that shines a bright and refreshing light. I am particularly pleased that more and more woman find the way into blogging, giving us their point of view. This was the blog that I have been meaning to write in depth about just the day before my computer decided to give up for good on me.

Next week I will finally make the time to take up Kristine’s challenge to write an article about a hunter and wildlife conservation grassroots organization or group. I have chosen my topic, now it is just a matter of managing the time to write the article.


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about finding Bryan and Dana as well (or, I guess I should say, that they found us). I think they will both be great additions to outdoor blogging.

Also can't wait to read your Write About the Good post. We've had some great ones so far, and I'm sure yours will help spotlight another worthy group.

Bryan said...

Thanks so much for link! I also will look forward to your "Write about the Good Post", as well as keeping up with Dana's posts!


Dana said...

Thank you so much for the shout out to my blog! It's great to have you and your computer back into the swing of things. Losing a computer is a little like losing a, um, like a hand that you can grow back after a few weeks....OK maybe it's not like that at all, but either way I'm glad it's fixed! :)

Arthur said...

Dana's blog is great and I'm on my way over to check out Bryan's blog right now. Although I must say I'm feeling a tidbit intimidated by all of you lately!!!!:):)

Othmar Vohringer said...

Kristine – I couldn’t agree more with you on the two new bloggers.

I am so sorry but it looks like you have to wait a day or two to read my “Write About the Good “. Right now I am writing this replies wit one hand. Today, just a half hour before going home from work I cut my arm pretty good open. Having wasted several hours in the emergency room and 25 stitches later it doesn’t look too bad but the arm is swollen and in pain. What a month this August has been for me. First I dislocate my kneecap, then my computer dies and now I almost chopped my arm off.

Bryan – You’re very welcome and I thank you for adding my link to your blog. Aren’t we a great crowd? Honestly. It is my wish, sometime in the future, where we can all come together for a big hunting party.

Dana – Loosing a computer is very much like loosing an arm. Come to think of it I almost did today. Lol. The truth is that I never thought that I could miss a computer so much as I did when I was without it.

Arthur – You should defiantly do that! You have absolutely no reasons whatsoever to be intimidated your blog is great. I just wish I would have more time on my hands to visit you and all the others more often.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Anonymous said...


Goodness, I didn't read your last comment until just now. How is the arm feeling? That certainly explains why there haven't been any more posts.

I hope things are getting better. I also think you've filled your quota of injuries for the year. No more, o.k.?

Dana said...

Holy cow! How are you doing????? I swear to God, I'm never writing something like that again! What I said got way too close to what happened to you. Erghh!I'm sending healing vibes your way....

Othmar Vohringer said...

Kristine – The arm is feeling a lot better thank you very much. I too hope that I have filled my accident quota. Lol.

The God Week Post is written, all that remains to be done is editing. If all goes well I’ll post it tonight. I have not stopped working since the accident and thus I am in pain after work, which doesn’t do much for my will to write.

Dana – I am doing fine thanks. The Doc said he might pull the stitches on Monday, unless I do that myself as I usually do. Go right ahead and write something like that again if you feel the need for it, I am not superstitious or anything like that. Thanks for the wishes.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are better. Seriously, no more injuries though. We need you fit and healthy and all in one piece.

Can't wait to see your Good week post. I'm so pleased that so many people have taken up the challenge.

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