Friday, August 10, 2007

Rifle Shopping

Tomorrow I will go to the gun store to pick my new hunting rife up.

As soon I take the new kid on the block to the range and put it trough its paces I will write a detailed report about my findings right here on Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer.

Meanwhile I leave you with a short description and some specs.

Wheaterby Vanguard® Synthetic

This is perhaps the best rifle value on the market today. The Vanguard® Synthetic will outperform rifles costing hundreds more and is guaranteed accurate.

All metalwork is matte black
  • 24" barreled action bed to a raised comb, Monte Carlo, injection-molded composite stock
  • One-piece forged, fluted bolt body with three gas ports
  • One-piece, forged and machined receiver for the utmost in strength and structural integrity.
  • Adjustable trigger can be precisely adjusted for let-off weight and sear engagement to match individual shooter preferences (within factory pre-set minimums). Sear engagement adjustments are for use by Weatherby factory and Authorized Service Center personnel only
  • Guaranteed to shoot a 1 ½'' 3-shot group from a cold barrel at 100 yards when used with premium (non-Weatherby calibers) or Weatherby factory ammunition.
  • Comes with factory-shot target.

Caliber: .270 Winchester
Weight: 7 3/4 lbs.
Overall Length: 44" or 44 1/2" depending on caliber.
Magazine Capacity: 5 + 1 in chamber for standard calibers.
Barrel Length/Contour: 24: #2.
Length of Pull: 13 1/2".
Drop at Comb: 1/2".
Drop at Heel: 7/8".

Accuracy Guarantee
What I found really unique about the Vanguard is the accuracy guarantee. Weatherby guarantees the Vanguard will shoot a three-shot group within an inch and a half at 100 yards and sends a test target with every rifle to prove it. Many manufacturers offer an "entry level" big game rifle, but few stand behind any of these rifles with an accuracy guarantee. Weatherby's guarantee is as notable as it is refreshing.


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Anonymous said...

I know this is a very girlie comment, but that rifle is pretty! Can't wait to hear how it shoots.

Othmar Vohringer said...

It’s not a girlie question at all Kristine. You would be surprised how many male hunters look for “pretty” rifles, “pretty” camouflage and “pretty” game calls. Actually most of the best selling hunting articles have gained that status by looking pretty, this is especially true for camouflage.

The rifle in question looks exactly like the picture in the article. Black synthetic stock and blued barrel, I am not so keen on shiny stainless steel barrels. In short it’s like all my hunting gear, a practical tool to be used in the often rough outdoors.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Bryan said...

I agree with's VERY pretty! I must admit there's a hint (okay maybe a pint) of jealously. I hope you enjoy your new rifle. Isn't it great how as we grow our toys get bigger?!?!?!

Othmar, Thanks for your very kind post on my blog. Looking forward to blogging with you...

Othmar Vohringer said...

Hi Bryan and welcome to my blog. You deserve the kind words and yes I am looking forward to blogging with you too. It seems that as writers, me an aspiring one, and seminar speakers we have a few things in common and perhaps we can in the future exchange ideas and experiences.

Thanks for the comment on the rifle. No need to be jealous. The Weatherby Vanguard is a very affordable rifle. I purchased this one in a package deal with a Bushnell elite scope for just a couple cents under 800 Canadian dollars. Actually my wife purchased this rifle for me as a present. It has been some years since I got a new rifle and now I am on a spree because I also fell in love with the Benelli Super Nova shotgun that I will pick up next week. That will do me for another few years.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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