Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blog Update

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As some of you may have noticed this blog has a new banner. The other day I checked in on the Wild Turkey Feverblog and to my horror I noticed that Blogger pulled the fancy template I used without warning me in advance of that stunt. Well to be fair to Blogger, they likely don’t know what templates each blogger uses. Needless to say the Wild Turkey Fever blog looked a right old mess.

There was no way around it I had to chose a new template and work all day long to get all the extras back in place and everything in order. While I was at it I thought that I might just as well give all my blogs the same template and the same look, hence the new banner on this blog.

After the Wild Turkey Fever blog I directed my attention to the Whitetail Deer Passion blog. That blog too had some outdated data on it in urged need of replacing or updating. With the deer hunting season in full swing or soon opening in other states and Canadian provinces, the traffic on that blog has grown considerably and the last thing I want is that visitors find old and outdated material.

In the coming days and weeks, with time being still very short due to my hectic work schedule (it hasn’t let up as I hoped it would) I will spend more time writing for the Whitetail Deer Passion blog.

My email in-box is filled to the rim each day with messages from desperate hunters looking for a last minute solution on, what else, how to kill a big buck this year. The mails I get can summarized in three categories, “What scent should I use?”, “Where to hang my stand?” followed by “Where will the big bucks be?”. Interestingly enough, rarely if ever does somebody ask me, “How do I properly scout an area?”

I believe very firmly, and successful hunters will agree with me, that scouting is the most important aspect of deer hunting period. Hunters that do not scout or do not scout right will have to depend solely on luck. As I said in the coming days and weeks I will give the answers and my opinions on all the above questions on the Whitetail Deer blog.

Oh, I almost fogot! Talking about deer hunting. Today I cam across a new deer hunting blog. Well that’s not quite, the blog found me and then I went and checked it out. The nybowhunter is written by Marc an avid hunter for 11 years and according to his own admission, an obsessed bowhunter for the last six years. The blog is new but you can already see where it is heading with the few very well written and informative articles interlaced with posts in the hunting diary style. Marc also has a neat slideshow and features several decent videos. If you’re like Marc and me an obsessed deer hunter then you definitely should check it out.

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deerPhD said...

You are so correct when you suggest that many hunters overlook the importance of scouting. A little homework goes a long way...

Arthur said...

Scouting is probably simply the best thing you can do for your deer hunting. Period!

I will check out the new blogger as well.

Andy said...

I'm looking forward to the scouting tips!

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