Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wildlife Images by Artemis Graphics and Design

Many readers enjoyed the wildlife images I posted in my last article Oh Deer A Bear Arthur from the Simply Outdoors Blog suggested that I should link the images to larger pictures so readers could appreciate better the quality of wildlife images my wife takes.

The pictures I use on this blog are all hosted by Photobucket where I used to post large size images and then let blogger downsize them for my blog. However, I was never happy with the crappy quality of the downsize job blogger did. So I upload the images on photopucket in the exact size I want them for my articles here on my blog.

To accommodate the wishes of my readers my wife came up with a simple solution. “Othmar why don’t you provide a link to my wildlife gallery on DeviantArt every time you post one of my pictures on your blog. What a brilliant idea and why didn’t I think of that myself?!

So here is the link to the Artemis Graphic and Design wildlife gallery. If you are not in a rush you may just as well have a look at all the other galleries available, including her art gallery. There are only something like 1000 images and graphic art pieces. Oh, before I forget. The gallery is called 12monthsOFwinter, it’s all long story behind that name, but you’re on the right place. Enjoy!


Arthur said...

Oh my gosh. Someone actually listens to me. I love it.


Thanks for posting the link to the wife's pictures. Some excellent, excellent, work. No wonder Corel is interested in her.

I will make sure and have my wife check out the site as well. She is just starting to get into photography and would really love the site. She has taken a bunch of pictures that you see on our photography page on my site. They are not exactly the caliber of your wife's, but she enjoys it.

Thanks for posting the link and I will look forward to seeing more and more pictures from the wife.

Anonymous said...

I think the funniest picture was the "bum shot". Did you know you were modeling for that one, Othmar?

My favorite is still one photo of the farm in the fog. There's just something about that picture that I enjoy.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Arthur – Of course I listen to my readers. It would be very bad for a blogger to blog away without any concern for what his or her readers want to read and see.

I am glad you like my wife’s art gallery. I know coming from her husband it must sound a bit clich├ęd, but I am her biggest fan. Seeing the hard work she puts into scouting out new subjects, then waiting for the right day and daytime to take the picture makes me appreciate photography more in general.

Kristine – No I had no idea that she took that picture. Having read the comments she got for that picture? Makes me blush. The farm barn in the fog is one of my favorites too. Just today my wife said that she wants to retake the shot again. She drives every morning at 4am to that barn to see how the light is and the fog condition.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Ivan T. said...

I said it long time ago and I won't get tired to repeat it: I love and enjoy very much Artemis pics.
thanks for sharing the pictures with all of us!!

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