Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blog Network Update

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It’s time for another update of my hunting and outdoor blogs to let you all know what information is on offer on my blog network.

My Stand
Have you ever wondered how many people in North America hunt and fish? How much money these hunters and fishers contribute to the economy and how many work places are created in the hunting and fishing industry?
You need not to wonder anymore, just head over to the My Stand blog where you you can read all about it and also find out where the money goes and what is done with it. I was surprised to learn how much we hunters and fishers contribute to the economy, wildlife and habitat conservation when I researched the information for the article. The Economics Of Hunting brings it all in the open.

Whitetail Deer Passion
Soon the hunting seasons will be over. It is around this time of year were I get calls from hunters, that still haven’t tagged a deer, asking me in frustration. “Only a few weeks to go and I still have no deer what should I do?” If you are one of these hunters then you need to read my article Cornfield Bucks. The tips and tactics discussed in that article may be just what you need to do in order to fill the freezer with venison this year.

Wild Turkey Fever
Snow is not uncommon in American states and Canadian provinces where the fall turkey hunting season runs into late November or even into December. Turkeys can be, just like deer, successfully tracked by following their fresh tracks in the snow. This is a good way to get the main ingredients of your Christmas dinner and it is a lot of fun too. Tracking a Tom in the Snow will explain how it is done.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that the Economics of Hunting is an awesome article. Great job.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Than you very much Kristine. I am glad you like it. It is comments like yours from my readers that keep me going even when the going gets though.


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