Friday, January 25, 2008

Excellent Blog Award

© By Othmar Vohringer

On Wednesday, January 23rd Marian has awarded me with the Excellent Blog Award.

When I received and email from Marian, notifying me of the occasion I was very surprised. Thank you Marian, I am humbled by the fact that you deem my blog/s worthy of an award. According to the rules I should find 10 other blogs to whom I pass the award on.

That is a bit of a dilemma for me. Which one of the many excellent outdoor blogs should I pick? There’re so many of them that readily come to my mind. Rather than torturing my tired brain anymore than I already had to today I will chose to give this award to bloggers that deserve, in my opinion, a little encouragement.

The first blog that comes to my mind is Hunting Wild Game / A Way of Life. After an unusual hard and disappointing season Deersaleyer was ready to give not only up blogging but hunting also. In his last post he announced that he is ready to throw the towel in. Thanks God he has reconsidered his decision and decided to come back and continue his blog and hunting too. I award deerslayer with the Excellent Blog Award to show him how much he means to our outdoor blogger community and because I find it an excellent idea that he reconsidered his original plans.

I love the Idaho Fishin’ Times (The Idaho TroutHunter Blog) . Eagle Eyes has always something interesting to write about and keeps changing his blog design very often. Even if I do not post every day on his, or any other blog for that matter, I do check it out every day. I give him this award in the hopes that it will encourage him to write a bit more and share with all of us his expertise as a livelong fisher.

Phillip at The Hog Blog does an excellent job of alerting his fellow outdoorsmen/women of the shenanigans that political bureaucrats and animal rights are up to in California. In one of his posts he said that at times he feels like a lone voice. This award is my encouragement to him to carry on with his important message to the hunters because it is important and eventually people will listen and act.

These are all the blogs for the moment. But let there be no doupt about it all outdoor bloggers, at least the ones on my blogroll, are excellent and deserving of an award.



Kris said...

Congrats! your suggestions on blogs is excellent as well...i enjoy reading your blog as well as the 3 you mentioned.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Kris I appreciate your comment and kind words.

Eagle Eyes said...

Othmar - I must say that I am "totally" appreciative to receive this recognition from someone who is so well known on the outdoor blogging scene. Your recognition of my blog has always been a big reason I continue to blog at TheIdaho TroutHunter Blog. You always seem to chime in just at the right time with the right words and pats on the back that motivate me to keep writing.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Eagle Eye – Thank you for the comment and the kind words. In blogging terms you and I go back quite a long time during which we have become acquainted with each other almost like friends. If I can help out a friend I will do so without been asked or expect a thank you. I have a dream to chase trout with you one of these days in beautiful Idaho, the Gem State, that I only know from passing through it a few times and often said to myself. “I would like to stop and see more of it.”

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award. I think the three blogs you passed it on to are great choices as well.

Phillip said...

Wow, while I don't generally participate in "memes", this one seems sincere and useful... as it serves to highlight excellence in our community.

With that in mind, I definitely appreciate it, especially coming from a quality blog like yours, Othmar.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Kristine – Thank you for the kind words. I really had a struggle because there are son many good outdoor blogs. So I thought that I pass the award on to those that need a special pad on the back.

Phillip – You humble me with your kid words. When you wrote that you feel like a lone voice, I could relate to that and how frustrating it feels. So I thought that I could smack two flies in one swipe by recognizing your excellent blog and give you “pad” on the back for the hard work you do by alerting hunters and animating them to stand up for their rights.


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