Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally getting the website done

© By Othmar Vohringer

As you all have noticed I have not posted much on this blog lately. I can assure you it was not for the lack of topics to write about. In fact I have a long must-do-list sitting next to my computer on the desk. There are two new products on the market I want to introduce to you. Next on the list is a column for the My Stand blog about hunting ethics. The Chief Editor of Red Ash Outdoors Magazine is anxiously waiting for me to submit a feature article on coyote hunting. The list continues with a reminder that it is soon time to send out a questionnaire to my next interview guest. And so the list goes on with topics, news and information that I would like to post on my blog.

So what’s the hold up? Well, I have been working on and off for the last one and half year on my new website “Othmar Vohringer Outdoors”, finally I just couldn’t stand it anymore and decided that the project had to be finished. Sometimes perfectionism can be a hindrance in getting things done and the new website is a perfect example. For months I kept changing and rearranging layouts and graphics only to do it all over again the next time I looked at it. This process was repeated until about two weeks ago when it hit what the website should look like came to me. Of all the places it happened in the shower, I closed my eyes and there it was like a picture.

After a week of hard work I came up with a design and layout that I am happy with. Everything about “Othmar Vohringer Outdoors” says that I care and that I want the visitor to feel welcome in my online “home”. All that now remains to be done is to fill the website with text, so far I have about 60% of the writing done and ready to set it in the pages. “Othmar Vohringer Outdoors” will provide information about my services to the hunting community, such as seminars, consulting, freelance writing and stock photography among others. There will also be a lot of information for hunters and fishers such as how-to-articles, tips, product reviews and much more. There will also be an online-shop where products will be offered for sale that I have personally field tested and given my seal of approval.

Here is a screenshot of the opening page. I hope you like it too!
At this point it might be very appropriate to say a huge thank you to my wife for her patience and providing me with ideas and artistic critique.

Please feel free to add comments and suggestion if you have any.



Eagle Eyes said...

Well, ol' blogging friend, I anxiously await your website when it is set to go online! I will be there often to see what you have "hot off the keyboard in the outdoor world."

Kris said...

Othmar, the blog is great, so I am sure the website will be jam packed with useful information. Looking forward to launch!

Marian said...

I like it Othmar...balanced, eye catching and personal. Can't wait to see it online! :)

SimplyOutdoors said...

The site looks awesome. Looking forward to the launch.

The Hunter's Wife said...

I think it looks really nice and professional. Great colors and love how you show your photos.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Eagle Eyes – I appreciate your kind words, you have been a loyal reader of my blog from the beginning.

Kris – I try to get as much information on the website as I can, so far I have about 30 articles from the short tip to the full feature article. I’ll let you all know via this blog when the launch date is and with my newsletter for those that subscribed to it.

Marian – Thanks, your comment sums perfectly up what I tried to achieve. Women seem to have an eye for such things and it was indeed my wife that pointed the importance of balance in the design and color scheme out to me.

Arthur – Thank you too for the kind words. I will let you know when the launch happens but it still will take a while yet. There is still a lot of writing to be done plus a few other things.

Jody – The photos in the top and bottom banner is my wife’s idea and I think it looks rather unique and very personal. This definitely will set the site apart from all the others on the Internet. There will be three (3) separate photo galleries on the website. One is my personal gallery and another one will be dedicated to young and novice hunters and the third is the stock photography gallery.


deerPhD said...

Othmar, Wow - this looks very professional. Did your wife do the photography? Looks awesome!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Bryan. Some – about 90% of the pictures – are taken by my wife and the rest is supplied from my photography efforts.

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