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Hunters Helping Kids Inc. Summary of 2007 Youth Turkey Hunt

Reprinted with permission of Hunters Helping Hunters Inc. – NNY Chapter

On Saturday April 21st, at noon, we gathered at the Mannsville Manor Fire Department to weigh in the turkeys for the NYS Youth Turkey Hunt. This event was sponsored by the NNY Chapter of Hunters Helping Kids, Inc.
We had 42 registered youth hunters for the weekend event.
There was six birds brought in by the hunters and guides After their birds were measured by Lou Mc Nett , Eric Taber and Dick Worden, everyone enjoyed grilled hot dogs and hamburgers under the watchful eye of Immy Holder, Carolyn Smithers, Tom Worden and Ken Burd. All were invited back for the Sunday dinner and activities.

Back at the fire hall on Sunday April 22nd, we had 4 more birds brought in by the youth hunters for the crew to measure. Making a grand total of ten birds for the weekend, and we had 20 hunters report back with their experiences. At noon, we started to serve a delicious spaghetti dinner prepared by Immy Holder and her helpers, Carolyn Smithers, Jeannie Mc Nett, and Gerry Burd, with desserts donated by Gerry Burd & Marlene Worden. There were 75 people served dinner. After dinner, about 2 pm, Bill Wilbur from the Oswego River Wild Turkey Federation brought turkey call kits for the youth hunters to put together under his watchful eye. After they were put together and while they were drying, he had a turkey-calling contest for the kids, this was won by John Worden.

The HHK NNY Chapter crew, after interviewing all the kids about their weekend hunting experience, it was determined the sportmanship award would be received by Nate Rogers, receiving a deluxe hunting vest. Then the President, Dick Worden with the help of VP Lou Mc Nett, gave out a participation award to each hunter that attended the event. With each award the hunters received a bag of hunting items that had been gathered by the local HHK chapter.

Paulyn & Katie Eastman plus Diane Worden helped with picture taking and the raffles. We raffled off a turkey print picture, rain jacket and had a 50/50 raffle plus a small auction of a few items to help offset our expenses. Jeffrey & Brittney Worden pulled the winning tickets.

We had four National HHK Deer Hunt of Lifetime winners in attendance, Sydney Vincent, Bailey Graves, Emily Garn and Cody Lewis, each giving their words about the great experience they had at the event. Thanks were given to all the donors, the parents, grandparents, friends and guides for making this event a success and invited all back for next year's event. Everyone said their goodbyes at 4pm and we heard all positive comments about the affair.

Susan Halbritter from the Oswego County Weeklies attended this event to report on what we were doing for the youth hunters. Also in attendance was Mike Cali from the Oswego County Federation of Sportsmen.

(O.V. For more information about the HHK please read The Outdoor Interview with Richard Worden, National HHK Sponsorship Director.)

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Sounds awesome. I always love hearing about kids in the outdoors.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you Arthur, the good news is that everybody can get involved in hunters Helping Kinds by simply contacting them. If you would like to help in any which way you see fit visit their website where you will find the information.

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