Monday, March 31, 2008

Good News

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This is an update of what’s new and what’s happening here at Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer.

In an earlier update post I announced that I soon will add a new blog to my network. A few fellow bloggers discovered BC Fishing Blog before it officially went online. Kristine was the first to find the new blog and promptly posted about it on the OBS blog in addition of installing a link to my new blog. Thank you! By the way, for those that don’t know, Kristine has been quite ill for a long time and had me worried almost day and night. I am glad to see that she is out of hospital, back at work and blogging away.

My good blogging friend Eagle Eyes, the trout hunter from Idaho also discovered the new fishing blog long before it was scheduled to be announced. Eagle eyes too has been very ill for a long time and had me worried. It seems a particular nasty type of flu makes the rounds in North America. Eagle Eyes tells me that he feels a lot better and I am glad he does because I sure missed his posts.

Mike, a fellow Canadian from Montréal, who writes the Walleye Blog also visited the BC Fishing Blog and that is how I discovered his blog. All I can say is that if you like walleye fishing it is imperative that you visit Mike’s blog. If it has to do with walleye you will find it all on that blog, including cooking recipes. Great blog and I had no hesitation to add his link to my BC Fishing Blog.

So what is BC Fishing Blog all about? Well, as the name suggests it’s all about the worlds fishing capitol British Columbia. Besides my personal fishing reports you will find information about fishing regulations, locations, events, news and of course fishing tackle reviews, tips and tricks of the trade. The BC Fishing Blog is mainly aimed at the 1.5 million fishers in British Columbia and the 3.6 million fishing tourists from around the world on their annual pilgrimage to British Columbia. There is information that any fisher might find helpful regardless of where he or she may live.

I encourage you to visit the BC Fishing Blog, now that it is officially online, and all the bugs have been dealt with. If you like it, and I am sure you will, I gladly exchange links with any blog that writes about the outdoors, be that hunting, fishing, conservation or anything else outdoorsy.

Okay that is one part of the good news. I am not sure if you’re going to be thrilled with the next news item. In the very near future I will spend a lot less time on this and the other blogs. That period will be followed by a week, or so, where I am completely offline.

Why, what’s up? We’re house hunting our dream to own our own house in a place we really like has become a realty. We are hopeful that we will move sometime toward the end of April or beginning of May. If you’re curious as to how the house hunting goes, head over to 12mothsOfWiter where my wife keeps everybody updated on the subject and offers some helpful tips and information that we had to learn the hard way. The regular readers of Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer may still remember my hunting reports Weekend Trip to Merritt, In Search of Big Bucks and A Weekend of Hunting.

In these posts it has become pretty obvious that I have fallen in love with a particular area of British Columbia. The Okanagan is one of the most beautiful regions of BC and guess what. Our future home is going to be smack in the middle of that region. Merritt is a quaint little town nestled in the rolling hills and framed by two rivers that produce trophy sized steelhead. If you’re a country music fan then you also must have heard of Merritt. This small town of 6’990 country folks plays host to Canada’s largest (North Americas second largest) Country Music Festival. Each year from July 10 to 13 Merritt welcomes a county music loving crowd outnumbering the population by the thousands. The next annual event on the calendar in Merritt is the very popular Rodeo. Merritt has its own Pro Rodeo Association, small wonder the town is surrounded by large ranches where real cowboys still ride on horseback along the rivers and over rolling hills in search for a lost cow or calf.

I think by now you begin to understand why I fell in love with this small town, as a cowboy at heart, this is the place I have been dreaming about since I was a small boy. But wait it gets better! As a hunter and fisher I will live in paradise. Merritt offers the best fishing and hunting in all of Canada. Country music, rodeo, the best hunting and fishing and all of that practically within walking distance of our new home. I am ecstatic?

We're really looking forward to the move from the rainy, humid climate of the Lower Mainland to the sunny and much drier prairie like climate of Merritt. It is going to be a long haul and that needs careful planning and packing so we wont have to drive the 200 miles several times back and forth. With all that going on I will have less time to be on my blogs and then there will be a time when we get set up in Merritt were I will be offline. The exact date will be revealed as soon everything is written in stone.

And finally, for all those avid hunters that are now out and about chasing big toms. If you head over to Wild Turkey Fever blog you can read my latest tips on getting that call shy longbeard close enough to get a shot at him.

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Eagle Eyes said...

Thanks, Othmar, for the link in your post and for the link on your blogroll and for thinking about Ol' Eagle Eyes. I can feel your excitement about your upcoming move just as if I were standing there listening to you tell me about it.

Sure sounds like an outdoor paradise!
Look forward to your updates.

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for your concern about my health. It means a lot to know that I have so many good friends, like yourself, in the computer.

Second, the move sounds awesome. I've been loving the pictures you and Heidi have been posting. It looks like you're moving to a wonderful place, so I'm happy for you both.

As for the the fishing blog, you had to know I'd find it sooner rather than later. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs that link to the OBS. After all, I don't want to miss listing anyone.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I do like hearing about everyone finally starting to feel better.

Looking forward to reading the posts on all of our blogs Othmar.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Eagle Eyes – We’re very exited about moving even if it means a lot of work and planning. I am sure if you would see the area surrounded by the best fishing places in our province you would love it too. I can practically walk from our house to three different rivers that are known as some of the best steelhead fisheries.

Kristine – Even we never meet you do mean a lot to me, and so do many other outdoor bloggers. It is amazing to me how so many different people can share a friendship simply by sharing the same interests without ever having met or seen each other.

Thank you for being happy for us, it means a lot to us owning our own house and having it in a place we both absolutely love is of course a bonus.

Putting a link to the OBS from my new blog it was obviously just a matter of time before your eagle eyes detected the new blog.

Arthur – Yes it was pretty hairy for a while, almost every blog I visited had some post about a fellow blogger been ill with the flu. Some bloggers are still missing in action but nobody seems to know what happened. I hope they are all fine and we soon see them back.


Jeff said...

Congratulations on finding your dream home in such an amazing location. I look forward to reading about your new hunting opportunities!

junkyarddawg2000 said...

Congratulations! It sounds like paradise to me. You are blessed to be able to live in a place that you have dreamed about. I can't wait to hear some of the great hunting and fishing stories.

Matt said...

Sounds like you've got a lot going on Othmar. Congratulations on the new house and good luck with the move.

I look forward to reading about fishing in BC and someday actually coming there to fish!

deerslayer said...

Well I'm glad you've finally found a place to call your own and can put money into something that will hopefully one day be your own.I've started my new website on fishing as well though I'm not satisfied with it yet and keep making changes to it. I be more than happy to add your fishing link to all three of my sites asap as I've always enjoyed reading all your post. I look forward to the day you get moved in and set up house again, sounds like a really nice community your moving too, right up my alley also. Hope your move is an easy one once you start.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Jeff – Thanks for the kind words. You can be assured that I will write quite a bit about living in the middle of the best hunting and fishing area in our province.

junkyarddawg2000 – It IS a paradise. Just yesterday we went back to Merritt to check out on a few things. On the way home we drove a different route through the canyons. What a spectacular sight! Two major salmon runs framed by high mountains. With the binos I could spot rams and mountain goats browsing on the fist spring greens.

Matt – Lol. At times it seems I have too much going. I am glad when we finally done, moved and settled so I can start enjoying all the things “God’s Country” has to offer for the avid outdoors person.

I would welcome you here with open arms and would love to show you some fishing hotspots around here.

Deerslayer – Thanks for the kind words and the links to the BC Fishing Blog on your blogs. I have returned that favor by adding links back to your blogs.


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