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It has been a long time, to long, since I published a Blog Buzz. Usually I highlight some articles from fellow outdoor bloggers that I found very interesting in this series. But since it has been a really long time since the last Blog Buzz I am going to change a bit toady’s contribution.

Over the months I have added a few new blogs on my blogroll. The list keeps getting longer and longer and with that the chance that some might be missed in the heap. So here are the new blogs and I think each and every one of them is outstanding in its own way.

Deer Hunting Big Bucks

As you can gather from the blog title Adam is, like me, passionate about whitetail deer hunting. In his profile he wrote: “I have great respect for the whitetail. I think the whitetail deer is the most beautiful animal on the face of the earth.”

Adam shares with us many hunting stories, hunting tips, product reviews, news and information about trophy whitetails. This blog is a must read for all whitetail deer enthusiasts.

Jr. Deer Camp Blog

We all know and love Rex from the Deer Camp Blog. Now meet Erin, Rex’s daughter is every bit as funny as here father. Besides making fun of her father she tells us about the family gatherings at the famous Christmas Plantations and how family and friends mean to her. Very nice blog, we need more teenagers writing about hunting.

Low Country Hunting

Jeff is a professional photographer and operates together with his wife the Low Country Hunting Service, based in South Carolina near the Savannah River in Hampton County. On his blog he writes about the success stories of Low Country Hunting Service plus lot of tips on hunting and quality deer management. Reading through Jeff’s “about page to gather information for this blog buzz I found out that we have something in common. Jeff is not a big fan of sport but he does like professional rodeo. That right there is my kind of guy.

The Liberty Pines Ranch Breaks

This blog is written by Wayne Schmeling from Minnesota lives for the outdoors. This quote from his profile will give you a good indicator what his blog is all about.

“I started by living the dream season of fall through numerous hunting and fishing trips, and then set out to settle a score with some unfinished business. In January, 2008, I began my latest expedition pursuing the completion of a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Creative and Professional Writing and a Bachelors of Science degree in History at Bemidji State University.”

NorCal Cazadora

Holly A. Heyser is a professional journalist and professor of journalism (if I got that right). Over the few weeks that I know of that blog it has become one of my favorite to read. With journalistic vigor Holly snoops out the full scoop on stories in the news about hunting. With charm and wit but always factual she takes on the animal rights and proves them the hypocrites they are.

A novice hunter that only a few years ago joined our great heritage she reports about her hunting adventures in the duck marshes and turkey fields with an enthusiasm that is truly contagious.

Fish Geek

Why Fish Geek? Why not! A person so involved in fishing and love for it that he now studies hard to get a Masters degree in Fisheries Biology at Utah State University is a Fish Geek and I do mean this in the most respective manner.
What ever you want to know about fishing you’re sure to find it on this blog.

Flyfishing Fool

From the Geek to the Flyfishing Fool. Zach tells us in his intro to his very well written blog:
I am a trout bum, mountain bum, river rat, live out of my truck, typical college student trying to afford a tank of gas and a six pack of beer. I have more time than money so I figured why not start blogging. Enjoy life, recreate, get out there and do something.

Don’t be fooled by this modest introduction. Zach’s blog is full of knowledge, tips and info for the avid and beginning flyfisher. Throughout the blog you also can see some stunning photography.

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jeff said...


Thank you so much for sharing my site with your readers. I truly appreciate the exposure and the referral from such a respected outdoor writer. Thanks again.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I love posts like these, because not only did you cover some great blogs that I read often, you also covered a few that I hadn't seen yet.

I'm going to check them out now!

adam said...

Thank you for the kind words Othmar. I really appreciate being highlighted on your blog. I enjoy reading your blogs and reading the others to, and will be checking out some of the others that are new to me. I am very passionate about deer hunting and the great outdoors. Thanks again, Adam

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