Monday, May 19, 2008

Children are our future

© By Othmar Vohringer

As hunter numbers shrink it has become more important than ever to invest in our future by passing our hunting heritage and outdoor traditions on to a new generation.

It is no longer sufficient to pass our way of life on to our own children alone. We have to engage the friends of our children and those of our friends and relatives too. Only if we all make an effort in recruiting more young hunters can we ensure that our future is in good hands and that the fruits of our labor can be harvested by future generations.

There are specialized organizations who’s sole mission is to introduce young people to hunting, even those that have no hunting background. One such admirable organization is Hunters Helping Kids Inc. This organization, which is dedicated to the future of hunting through educating young people, has local chapters in New York, Virginia, Michigan and two chapters in North Carolina.

Hunters Helping Kids Inc. annually organizes hunting and fishing opportunities and educational workshops for all children from all walks of life. Each event can accommodate as many as 45 children at no cost to them and their families. Organizing several hunting and fishing events each year, involves a lot of commitment, hard work and dedication carried out by the volunteer members of Hunters Helping Kids.Inc.

The money needed for the events comes from donations and fund raising banquets. How much money can be raised annually influences how many children can take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity - and also how many have to be turned down.

On June 21st. this year the Hunters Helping Kids Inc. New York Chapter will hold a fund raising banquet at:

Sandy Pond Sportsman Clubhouse, Co Rt. 15
Sandy Pond NY

There will be a great meal: Prime Rib/BBQ Pork and all the trimmings (Presale only meal tickets $20.00 ea.)

The evening will be filled with:
A Live Auction
Door Prizes
Cocktail hour 5-6 pm with Dinner at 6pm

Tickets are available by calling 315-387-3497

Half of the proceeds from the banquet stay in the NY chapter area to be used for local kids events such as hunts, fishing trips, a pheasant hunt, goose hunt, etc.
The remaining half will be used for National events such as deer hunts, duck hunts etc.
Your support will help them fulfill their mission and to continue offering events for young people free of charge.

The main prize is the ‘gun of the year’, a Marlin MXLR Lever Action Rifle Stainless with Laminated Stock, 30-30,
Bidders can purchase one or more of the 120 squares on a raffle board at $ 10.00 per square. The drawing for the lucky winner of the Marlin MXLR will be held on June 21st at the banquet.

This is a very good cause and I urge you all, if you’re from New York please try to attend this event. Your money and support will enable the Hunters Helping Kids Inc. NY Chapter to continue their important mission of introducing more children to the great outdoors.

For more information about the NY Chapter banquet or how you personally can get involved as a volunteer member or sponsor visit the NNY Chapter Website.

If you’re not from New York and would like to become a part of Hunters Helping Kids Inc. visit the National Hunters Helping Kids Inc. website for more information on chapters in your area and volunteer memberships or sponsorships.

I am both proud and humbled that Richard Worden, National Board of Directors Sponsorships Chairman and the Northern NY Chapter President has chosen my blog to be one of his official publication venues to promote the honorable cause of Hunters Helping Kids Inc.

Get involved now and you will never regret it. Just look at these smiling children’s faces from the recent spring turkey hunting event and then come back here and tell me that these volunteers do not deserve your highest respect for their efforts to ensure a brighter future for hunting. Best of all, if you get personally involved, one or more of these smiles are directed at you.

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool that Hunters Helping Kids is making your blog an official publicity outlet. Clearly this organization understands the value of blogs in general and your blog in particular.

Good for them.

Blessed said...

I love this organization. I'm all for anything that helps hunters/outdoorsmen and kids connect!

Tom Sorenson said...

I wonder if we could open a chapter out here in the West? Or maybe someone has heard of a similar organization that works out here, already? It sounds like a great organization.

Adam said...

It sounds like a wonderful organization. I agree Othmar, we need to introduce not only our own kids to the outdoors but other children as well, that might not have that chance otherwise. Keep up the good work!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Kristine – Thanks for the kind words. It humbles me that you find my blog “particular”. I really love to promote such organizations and help them to get access to a broader audience.

Blessed – Absolutely whatever get kids of the street and gives them something to do that they can be proud of. I am very impressed with that organization and how hard each member works to get the kids hunting. And they all do it without getting paid for it.

Tom – I am sure you, or anyone else for that matter, could open a HHK Chapter. I have been informed that the organization looks for volunteers willing to open new local chapters. The more people that get involved and the more chapters there are the more children can go hunting.

Adam – It is a wonderful organization, what I have seen is that everybody works really hard and volunteers a lot of their time to provide these children with a great experience that they never will forget. You’re right. We tend to focus on our children but what about the others? They to might like to go hunting and fishing.


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