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Whoopi Goldberg Finds Hunting Accident Hilarious

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Apparently Whoppi Goldberg, actress and co-presenter of the television show “The View”, seems to find it appropriate to make demeaning fun of the painful misfortunes of other people. David Web, editor of the Western Sportsman Magazine (Canada) wrote a post on his blog how he due to the flue had some time on his hands to watch the" View" and witnessed Whoopi Goldberg relating the story of Randy Goodman. The Kansas hunter that got badly injured by a whitetail deer buck in Novemebr. Goldberg made no secret about it that she found the accident absolutely hilarious. She laughed and jokied with the other View presenters, among them Barbara Walters, as she relayed in cheerful mood how the hunter walked up on a dowthe deer jumped up and attacked the hunter. Goodman finally managed to dispatch the buck and get himself to the hospital with severe injuries, were he was treated.

When the View presenters where done laughing and joking Barbara asked Whoopi. “Did the deer die?” Goldberg got emotional, hanging her head, and said with a sad voice. “Yes, the deer died.” In chorus the other presenters chimed in, “Oh, that’s to bad!” I really don’t get it. In fact I am outraged by this sort of inhuman behavior of people that ride constantly on “humanitarian” bandwagons. But yet find it appropriate to make fun of the hunters accident that easily could have killed him and insult the distressed family of the victim, if it suits their anti-hunting agenda. I think a letter to the producers of the View would be in order from the hunting community, to show these bigoted self-righteous “celebrities” that we take offense on this intolerable behavior against another fellow human.

If that stories victim had been about an animal the nation would be outraged about making fun of such a tragedy on daytime television. Talking about animals. I might let you know that Goldberg was the one running to the defense of Michael Vick and his involvement in the dog fighting business. How hypocritical of her to defend a animal abuser and then turn around and call hunters “cruel people” deserving of what's coming to them when attacked by an animal.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

This article makes my skin crawl. What is wrong with people. When did a human life become less valuable than that of an animal?

Tom Sorenson said...

It's ridiculous the way celebrities have become so detached with society they don't even think for themselves anymore. A bunch of idiotic robots without a brain among them for a pure or kind thought. My email is on the way.

SimplyOutdoors said...

This honestly doesn't come as a shock to me. Hollywood is so detached from reality that it never ceases to amaze me.

For some reason they believe that an animal life is more important than a humans....unless your one of Michael Vick's fighting dogs apparently.

It makes me ill.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I agree with all your comments. It is shocking really how many people are totally removed from the reality of life. Television advertising is a good example of that twisted trend. Our children are bombarded with new video games, each and every one promises to kill more people and have more blood splattered about the screen. On the opposite end of the scale Walt Disney type of movies where the lion sits with the zebra on the campfire singing happy tunes are all the rage and so are cuddly animal toys that can talk. People are victimized, maimed, killed and tortured for fun and animals are portrayed as “humans”. It can’t get any more twisted then that.


Adam said...

I bet Whoopi has never donated one penny or one minute of her time to help preserve wildlife and wildlife habitat. It's so funny how she is so quick to defend the black superstar quarterback it doesnt matter that he is a thug or what he did she'll defend him because he's black. Just like it doesnt matter that Obama has been known to associate with terrorist or where he stands on critical issues vote for him he's black. It just shows how ignorant Miss(I use that term loosely)Goldberg is. People like her make me want to puke!

Phillip said...

First things first here...

Whenever I hear a story about a downed animal getting back up and giving a whuppin' to the hunter, I crack a grin. Depending on the story, I can get downright tickled. Heck, it's happened to me in one way or another a couple of times. It's funny... painful, maybe... but funny. Maybe you're not laughing so hard when it happens to you, but you'll be laughing later. I'd be willing to bet the hunter in this story will be laughing about this by next season too.

By the way, the initial story was passed around several hunting forums and discussion groups... and always with a humorous aspect. The majority of hunters who read the article found it pretty funny.

So let's not get all caught up in righteous indignation. The fact is that the hunter did NOT get killed, and while he had some injuries, they are neither life threatening nor serious. I'm willing to bet that, had he been killed or seriously injured, this never would have been a target of humor on The View.

Now, as to the rest of the crowd reaction and the ignorance on the part of the hosts, I can't speak to that. But they're celebrities, and that's their job... take off-the-wall current events and try to make jokes out of them. But let's not attribute more malicious intent than that...

There are a lot of serious, serious problems with modern society. We don't need to go out of our way to find more.

My two-cents' worth... you get what you paid for.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Phillip – You’re right there are many accidents that we can laugh about and see the humor in it after it happened. I still can laugh today about how I got a black eye from a Canadian goose. I shot the bird as it flew right over my head and it landed smack on my noggin.

But that is not the point I made in my article. The point is that “celebrities” find it appropriate to make fun of a persons suffering and then get emotional upset because a “poor” animal died in the course of it. Demonstrating that they have more feelings about an animal then a human. Along this same line, if I watch a hunting show on TV a disclaimer pops up, “The scenes shown in this broadcast may be offensive to some viewers”. You do not see such disclaimers when we’re shown drive-by-shootings or the senseless mass killings of humans on battlefields on the news. The general desensitizing for human suffering is a very disturbing trend and a very serious problem in society.

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