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Entrepreneur helps the future of hunting

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Last week a parcel arrived at our home in Merritt, in it was a shirt Chad Rodevold, owner of the Field Dress
Company and writer of the Wild Side blog, had sent me. With that kind gesture Chad wanted to show me his new design line of unique hunting and fishing themed t-shirts he came up with.

I was impressed with the first designs and made that abundantly clear in an earlier product review “Dress in Style” on this blog. If I had been impressed with the first designs I was awed by the new design. Even my wife, a photographer and graphic designer, was impressed with the flawless design, clear lines and life like depiction of the trout jumping out of the water.

This is clearly the work of a man committed to quality and a great appreciation of the outdoors and the sportsman heritage. Just how deep Chad’s commit for the outdoor heritage runs I found out a few days ago when I learned that the Field Dress Company donates a portions of every shirt sold to the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors organization to help financing their various admirable programs to introduce children to hunting and fishing.

How often can you say that a product does so much good in so many ways? The stylish and tasteful designs are a perfect way to advertise our outdoor heritage to the public. Made in North America these shirts contribute to our economy and provide work here at home and finally the donations made form the sales of the product help to pass our heritage on to the next generation and with that guarantee the future of the hunting and fishing heritage.

To view or purchase the Field Dress products visit their webite.
To learn more about Pass It On –Outdoor Mentors Inc click here.

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mel said...

Othmar- I agree with your review here. Chad is making a great effort to support the hunting and fishing image in a most positive and beautiful way. His efforts to be a leader and role model by his contributions to the Outdoor Mentors program, and, to the outdoor enthusiast through his truly unique t-shirts is a great asset to everything we are trying to do in promoting healthy outdoor attitudes.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Chad really is making an effort to provide a quality product, which in itself is rarity these days and in addition he helps to preserve our outdoor heritage combined this makes him as you say a role model. I hope that Chad’s commitment inspires many other entrepreneurs.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Chad's work is awesome and I do have one of his shirts that I ware proudly and am happy to have a link to his site on my blog.
Keep up the great job.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I have nothing to add to your comment Rick other that I fully agree with you. :)

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