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Canadian hunting community outraged

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A video posted on YouTube has the Canadian hunting community and wildlife conservation agencies outraged and disgusted.

The video that has been posted sometime early last week on YouTube shows a group of young men driving in a car along a lakeshore, shooting indiscriminately at ducks and ducklings with air rifles and a .22 rimfire rifle. It is illegal this time of year to hunt ducks. It’s also illegal to shoot out of a vehicle and killing or harassing animals.

The Canadian Internet hunting forums soon were abuzz with comments from outraged hunters. Some said that the video was so violent and disgusting that they couldn’t bear to watch it to the end. I watched the video to and it frankly made me sick to my stomach. Many of the ducks and ducklings these punks shot at were crippled and condemned to die a slow and agonizing death. In addition what made it very hard to watch is the obvious joy these poachers displayed, laughing and hollering each time one of them killed or crippled a duck as if it were a video game.

Comments ranged to from disgust and upset to outright anger. One forum member said what many felt about the video. "Deep down I really hope all of these guys get what's coming to them. The blatant disrespect for wildlife and ultimately the law is just cause to put these guys in jail, not to mention the millions of law abiding gun owners, hunters and huntresses that they have disrespected."

It didn’t take long before the phones to the various conservation agencies and the RCMP (police) run hot from outraged hunters alerting the authorities what they have seen on YouTube. The authorities have launched a full investigation after they dissected the video frame by frame. By late last week the RCMP and wildlife agencies were able to follow the first leads and narrow the crime scene down.

So far the authorities have narrowed down the province and area where this atrocity occurred. They also know the vehicle that has been used and have a fairly good description of one perpetrator.

The car is a Hyundai Tiburon. The area is most likely southwestern Saskatchewan or southeastern Alberta based on a field of canola in the background of the video that only grows in these areas. One man in the video is referred by the name of Dave and another is called Jer. Both youth in the video a white and around age twenty. The car driver is shown wearing a grey shirt and orange shorts, while the second man is wearing a red shirt and dark pants. The videographer also turns the camera toward himself at one point, revealing he's wearing a black hat and has a goatee.

There is hope that the authorities soon will apprehend the criminals. If you have any information please call the Saskatchewan Environment Ministry tip line at 1-800-667-7561 or any other conservation and RCMP station in Canada.

This outrages video has show ones again that if it matters hunters are on the forefront of environmental and wildlife protection banding nationwide together in an effort to bring law violators to justice. On a interesting side note, as hard as I searched on the Internet I couldn’t find any animal rights organization making any mention of that outrages video. I guess they wait until the perpetrators are caught to use the occasion to launch a “ban hunting” campaign.

Another interesting side note. YouTube took the video offline and a hunter re-posted it again on YouTube, thus making sure many hunters see it what ultimately led to the investigation of the crime.

You can view the video here, but we warned the content is graphic and very disturbing.

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The Hunter's Wife said...

Hopefully they will find them. I only watched the first part. Didn't need to see the rest.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I honestly don't need to see the video; I'll take your word for it, Othmar.

I hope that these guys get exactly what is coming to them, and I hope that they are apprehended quickly. These guys can not and should not be considered hunters. They are disgraceful human beings and need to be punished for their acts.


It shows how intelligent they are that one of them posted a video of illegal activities on the internet.


Terry Scoville said...

I get so mad when I hear about poaching or indiscriminate mass killings of wildlife. I can't even watch the video. I hope they catch them, and hang them out to dry. Revoking their hunting privileges for life! Be good if they also banned them from owning firearms, PERIOD!
Please keep us up to date on this case.

Othmar Vohringer said...

The Hunters Wife – I am glad you didn’t watch the video to the end. It only gets worse, much worse. I had to make two attempts to the watch the full video in order to report about it without my stomach turning.

Simply Outdoors (Arthur) – You missed nothing by not watching other than to see how low some people can stoop. Killing animals out of season is one thing but getting all cheerful and enjoying every second of it is another matter all together.

Terry Scoville – You as do the other posters express exactly how millions of hunters feel all over Canada. I can assure you that with the help of the hunters these criminals will be caught. It’s interesting how the animal rights always portray hunters as heartless and unethical yet when it comes down to it we truly are wildlife stewards with a big heart for nature and all wildlife as your post and those of millions of other hunters on hunting forums have shown so evidently.


CDGardens said...

It is truly maddening when we hear about instances of animal massacres. I do hope these three young men will face some extreme disciplinary actions.

Othmar Vohringer said...

CDGardens - As the news rolls in it seems that the authorities getting more and more information on these morons. If that keeps up we might very soon hear about arrests been made.

Here in Canada the courts do not look very kindly upon poachers, I wish the courts would do the same to regular criminals too, if they are caught and prosecuted they will face some hard time and hefty fines. Having violated firearm laws these guys will have a record that stays for life with them.


Anonymous said...

It is my hope that these fellows get what is legally coming to them. They can run, but, they can't hide. The power of the outdoor blogging world and people who love the outdoors for its true value will never let them rest. I am not sure taking away their hunting privileges compensates for the audacity of crime they committed.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Mel - Say to see you here again. I can assure you that here in Canada loosing the right to ever own firearms again and loosing the right to ever apply for a hunting license will be the least of the crimminals worries if these punks are caught.

As I said earlier here in Canada poachers a dealt with very severely in the courts.


Anonymous said...

Two suspects names are posted, one named Dave, the other Jerry. Dave has 2 confirmed kills, and the guy who showed his ugly mug close up either doesnt have a front tooth or has bad front teeth. I think Dave is the driver/owner of the car used too. 20-30 years of age on all suspects and one is overweight. The guy with the Gotee is James Aka thedeclined. Take note of his horrible looking grill/teeth. Just compare his stupid videos and the poaching one and you will see.

The gun used is a Ruger 10/22, wood stock, matte black barrel with fiber optic sights and a 30 round banana clip, the kind that is common for 10/22's. There is also a bolt action high power centerfire rifle used as well. You dont see it, but you can here the distinct sound between the 10/22 and bolt action. You can even hear the bolt being cycled several times.

The car is a silver1999-2001 Hyundai Tiburon. It has a sunroof, power windows, door locks, dark interior and it either has a bad exhaust leak or one of those stupid aftermarket mufflers you see on the imports these days.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Anonymous - Thank you for the additional information on the perpetrators.

I just received news that the original poster of the video, which is also the one that filmed the duck poaching has shut down his YouTube account. It seems that it is getting bit hot for them. I hope by tomorrow there asses will be on fire.


Albert A Rasch said...


I'm going to repost this and link to this. Let's get this out and hammer these SOB punks. The more folks that get this out, the hotter it will get for them, and the sooner we'll get them behind bars. Maybe we can get them sent to an American jail (Rikers anyone?) instead of y'alls cushy ones...


Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you Albert for picking the story up and post it on your blog too.

I am not so sure if America has the tougher prison system than Canada. I remember as a kid in Switzerland that it was tried to soften the Swiss forced labor and chain gang prison system.

The supporters of the soft prison system went out of their way to say that "modern science from AMERICA has shown, bla,bla". We soon called that the "American system" and still today the Swiss "blame" America for introducing modern prisons with TV, swimming pools, prisoners rights and psychologists in the courtrooms trying to get criminals off the hook on some feeble mental illness excuses.


NorCal Cazadora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NorCal Cazadora said...

One more time - messed up the first one:

Othmar, where can ethical hunters make a contribution to a reward fund for information leading to the culprits? I would happily send some money to chip in to catch these jerks (nicest word I can think to use on your blog).

Let me know where we can contribute, and I will publicize the hell out of it.

Othmar Vohringer said...

That's very kind of you NorCal Cazadora. I too would contribute to the fund but I haven't heard anything about a reward fund been established yet.

I'll keep my eyes open and ears peeled and as soon I hear something in that direction I'll let you all know.

You know it just plain tickles me how hunters from all over America and Canada come together and do their best to catch these jerks.

This makes me wish that hunters on every issue concerning our heritage could stick together like this. The anti hunting/gun movement wouldn't have a leg to stand on.


NorCal Cazadora said...

Three guys have been arrested in this case! Short news story here.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Better story here.

Carl said...

This makes me sick, id like to hunt down those punks with one of these:

i'd show em WHAT ITS LIKE! save the animals people, that is cruel

Carl said...

grrrr... sorry link didnt work ka-bar kukri survival machete that i would bludgeon them with, god damned saskatonians,, filthy hicks!

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