Sunday, December 27, 2009

In the Top 50

© By Othmar Vohringer

It has been very hectic the last several months around here, but over Christmas I had time to take it a bit easier and relax. I spent a wonderful time with my wife and family and I even found time to visit a few of my outdoor blogging friends on the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I discovered on Dayne Shuda’s reputable blog Hunting Business Marketing that my blog column The Pink Wave was chosen as one of The Top 50 Hunting Blog Posts of 2009 on his blog.

Thank you Dayne for that unusual Christmas gift and let me return the favor of this honor by saying that Hunting Business Marketing is one of my more frequently visited blog. Dayne Shuda provides excellent advice on how to market your business on the Internet and certainly has helped my in that regard. He’s written a book about marketing strategies for the Internet and also provides his valuable tips through his Hunting Business Marketing Newsletter.

Reading through the top 50 list made me realize just how much information there is on the Internet about all aspects of outdoor activity. When I started this blog in 2005 - is it already that many years? - there were no more than a handful of outdoor bloggers. My blogroll had exactly 10 blogs listed. Boy has time changed! Today there are over 40 hunting and fishing blogs on my website and many more on the Internet. back then I would spend an hour to visit all the blogs. Today it has become hard for me to keep track of them all, let alone visit each one every day. It would take a week or more just to read them all.

It's a good thing to see that many blogs because bloggers, more than anyone else, are able to reach a huge and diverse readership. This in turn will make sure that the message we have to spread is widely read. In my article Youth Outdoor Participation Declines published on the Outdoor Bloggers Summit blog I outlined why it is more important than ever to promote hunting and fishing to the young people.

As an active and tireless promoter of our outdoor heritage I say thank you to all the hunting and fishing bloggers for doing such a great job. Most of you are probably not even aware of what an important role you play on the Internet. Keep it up and to all of you, and my readers, I wish a Happy New Year connected with my best wishes for good health and prosperity in whatever it is you do. Here is to a new year to which I look forward, bringing you more information, updates, news and tips about our great hunting and fishing heritage.

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Dayne Shuda said...

Thanks Othmar and you're more than welcome for inclusion on the list.

Your history, experience, and quality contributions to the outdoor blogging community are valuable to bloggers, blog readers, and any outdoor enthusiast.

I look forward to your writings in 2010.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks again for the inclusion and the kind words.

I too look forward to a new blogging year and hopefully find a little more time to visit your and other blogs a bit more frequently then this year.


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