Monday, February 22, 2010

Paradice Lake Enhancement Program

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For just a bit over a year the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club, of which I am the current 2nd. Vice President, was involved in one our many conservation enhancements programs. This particular program was about improving access to a fishing lake. After months of surveys and government red tape it was finally time to put the boat dock on the lake.

The paradise lake is doted with beautifully crafted log cabins such as this one.

The crane truck arrives with boating dock, handcrafted by club members.

Before the dock could be unloaded we had to free the ice on the lake from a dick layer of snow.

With fully extended arm the crane lifted the first piece of the dock up and over the trees on to the lake.

The ice on the lake made it relatively easy to maneuver the over a ton heavy main dock in the exact position.

While the crane lifted the second piece off the truck a few strong men got busy anchoring the main dock by hammering long wooden poles into the solid frozen lake bottom.

This is what the finished dock looks like, ready to inspect by the forest service. In the spring when the ice melts and the dock floats on the water we will return and finish the job. Finally the anglers will have proper access to the lake in the middle of a beautiful landscape, hence the name Paradise Lake.

(Images are copyright of Othmar Vohringer)

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Looks to be some great scenery around those parts. And that is one great looking dock. I'm sure everyone will appreciate it come spring, and especially come summer.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Yes it is a very nice area we live in, it's generally referred to as "Gods Country" by everyone. Building the dock was a good idea as the lake has some great fishing but access was very bad.

There are a few other lakes like that and we will improve them too in the near future.


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