Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recruiting New Hunters Works

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Today I got the 2009 numbers of new hunters that successfully completed the mandatory hunter education course here in British Columbia. In total province wide 6,599 new hunters graduated from the course. Of these, and that is what thrills me most, 1,421 were women and 1,975 of the students were under the age of 19. Unfortunately there is no further breakdown of the numbers. I say unfortunately because I would like to know how many of these students came from a hunting background and how many come from families that do not hunt. In my own experience I have seen that more people then in previous years from non-hunting families would like to hunt and it is these people that we need to reach.

In any regard this is an impressive number of new hunters and I am proud to be a part of the volunteer hunter education instructor team.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Those are some awesome stats, Othmar.

And I would love to see them broken down further as well. We definitely need to reach those kids who are not part of hunting families, and it would be nice to have some stats that show how many of those types of kids were recruited.


Anonymous said...

I think those are some good numbers. It is really nice to hear that many new hunters.

Othmar Vohringer said...

The reason I am interested in how many of these graduates are from hunting families versus how many are without a hunting background is that over the recent years I get a lot of emails and questions on my seminars form people that are not from a hunting family but would like to become hunters.

Yes the numbers are impressive, especially if one considers that these are only the numbers for one province, and one that can not boast with a big population, like Ontario. I'll will try to find out what the numbers of new hunters are Canada wide.


Anonymous said...

Hi Othmar! 2 years ago I took my kids to Hunter Safety courses and was blown away by the number of young girls that were participating that seemed to have non-hunting parents. Watching their attention to the details was fascinating. I was quite moved, really.

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