Friday, January 28, 2011

PeTA Accused Of Spy Plot

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The following press release has been sent to me by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.

The animal rights group PETA may be stepping into some hot water in the Sooner state. The director of an Oklahoma animal park claims to have evidence that PETA used a former employee as a spy in order to give the park a black eye.

Joe Schreibvogel, the director of G.W. Exotic Animal Park, indicated he has a taped confession that proves PETA paid the employee to essentially act as a spy. Schreibvogel says the employee used an external hard drive to copy files from the park’s main computer and that he used a camera to take pictures that might be embarrassing. That camera was allegedly purchased for the employee by PETA.

The County Sheriff’s office is currently investigating the claims and whether any laws related to downloading of information were violated. As of press time, no arrests have been made or charges filed.
In quotes to the media, Schreibvogel states, “If they make it look like they're rescuing our animals then more money goes to PETA.”

He also maintains that the park has received high marks over the last few years with all required state and federal inspections.

I would not be surprised if the investigations confirm the suspicion of the Mr. Schreibvogel. Earlier last year Feld Entertainment, the owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, sued the notorious Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), two HSUS lawyers and a number of other animal rights organizations under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

The reason for the lawsuit was that the HSUS sued the circus for alleged cruelty to elephants. As a “witness” the HSUS produced a former disgruntled employee and paid him over 190,000 dollars in return for his animal rights favouring testimony. The courts acknowledged that the plaintiff’s witness was paid to testify a manufactured testimony while under oath in a court of law. The circus successfully sued everybody who played a part in this elaborate collective scheme (hence the racketeering aspect) to bring the circus in discredit about their animal keeping and training standards.

It’s a common tactic for animal rights organizations to manufacture documents and pay “witnesses” to make false testimony in courts. Ingrid Newkirk herself stated publicly, that if the lobbying for animal rights laws does not have the desired effect they (PeTA) would resort to frivolous lawsuits with the sole purpose of draining animal owners of their finances. And that is exactly what is happening for many years now. Fortunately though, it seems that courts catch on to this fabricated law suits and do their bit to put a stop to it.


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Matt Elder said...

I'm almost not even surprised by this. PETA tries to pull these type of things all the time. It's good to see that the courts are really starting to catch on to it.

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