Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teenagers Arrested For Poaching On State Prison Property

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Just when you think that you heard and seen it all along comes a news item that makes you just shake your head in utter disbelieve.

What surely must be the dumbest case of poaching in resent history comes from Florida. Three teenagers, Aaron Griffis, 18; Houston Fender, 19; and Shea Wilson, 18, of Lawtey, Fla., have been arrested on January 6 for illegally hunting deer on the Florida state prison property. The part that makes me shake my head is that the poachers choose the state prison property to commit their crime. It just doesn’t get more moronic then that.

According to the press release from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Fender had been convicted about three weeks earlier on two counts of taking deer out of season and sentenced by a Bradford County judge to one year of probation and a three-year suspension of hunting rights.

The press release also mentions "These arrests are the result of concerned, ethical hunters providing information to area FWC officers and good working relationships with local sheriff's offices and the Department of Corrections." It’s always nice to hear when hunters are recognized for their assistants to law enforcement. Unfortunately not a single newspaper that picked this story up made a mention of hunters providing the information that led to the arrest of the poachers. Instead we read the typical headlines, “hunters arrested for poaching”, and the hunters that provided information to law enforcement are referred to as “concerned citizens.”


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