Friday, January 19, 2007

New CVA Muzzleloader Unvailed

On this years SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show, held in sunny Orlando, Florida CVA unveiled their newest product, hailed as the worlds most modern muzzleloader. Other than that this new muzzleloader used a nifty electronic ignition system I could not find more information about it. But I am sure it won’t take long before the Internet will be buzzing with rumors and opinions about this muzzleloader. Until I can find out more about this gun I leave you with CVA’s description of the new muzzleloader.

Our new Electra™ rifles are like no other muzzleloaders on earth, featuring the patent pending ARC™ Electronic Ignition. The ARC™ Electronic Ignition is completely sealed from the elements – there’s not even a flash-hole. No parts other than the barrel have to be cleaned of fouling – ever! Ignition is absolutely instantaneous. The trigger pull is incredibly clean – because the “trigger” is really an electronic switch. And since there is no pressure explosion, as there is with primer ignitions, there is no accuracy robbing displacement of the charge – allowing full and consistent burn of the powder charge at the bottom of the barrel. One 9-volt battery will reliably fire the rifle at least 500 times, and the battery will last 600 hours (25 days) – and that’s if it is left turned on! The Electra is the ultimate muzzleloader in ease-of-use, rapid reloading, ease-of-cleaning and never-fail reliability. And all Electras are equipped with a premium Bergara Barrel – for unmatched accuracy.

The Electra™ muzzleloader is offered in .50 calibre.
Stainless steel/black at $521.95
Stainless Steel/Realtree camouflage at $573.95
Blued/black at $458.95

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