Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Outdoor Blog Campfire

With the click of the mouse - computer mouse that is – the reader can visit other blogs with the assurance to find more information, stories and gossip in the field of his interest.
The hunting seasons are closed for the most part in America and Canada, with the exception of a few states way down south.

What is there to do now? Well, if you’re living in a northern U.S.State or Canada where the lakes are covered with thick ice you can go ice fishing. Or, you can join the outdoor blog campfires that burn bright and warm everywhere on the Internet. No need to get outside and brave the frigid weather, you can join the campfire from the cozy warmth of your living room.

When I started bloging, back in 2005, only very few blogs on hunting and fishing could be found on the Internet. Boy has time changed. Today there are a dozen a dime. Most blogs share links with other outdoor blogs, the good ones anyway. These so called “blogrolls” come very handy for the readers. With the click of the mouse - computer mouse that is – the reader can visit other blogs with the assurance to find more information, stories and gossip in the field of his interests.

Unlike a website, where the visitor becomes a passive reader, blogs are fully interactive. The reader can write comments or ask questions in a special provided field, called “comments”. Click on it and a dialog box comes up and you’re ready to comment on any topic you like. Looking at it like this, outdoor blogs truly are a huge campfire where hunters come together from everywhere celebrating our passion for hunting and the outdoors.

Here at Othmar Vohringer Blog Network the “blogroll” has steadily grown over the last few months. Today my blogs exchange links with such reputable blogs as the:

Sportsman’s Blog : Jim Braaten is an outdoor writer and covers many different outdoor related issues and news on his blog.

Deer Camp Blog: The subtitle of this blog says it all. “THE BODOCK TIMES- (a satirical periodical) Humor and Hunting at the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club on the edge of the Mississippi Delta.”

Bright Idea Outdoors: It was a bright idea to start this blog, providing information and commentary on outdoor adventure and products, current events, philosophy and some other stuff.

ESPNOutdoors.com News Hound: This blog is written by the noted outdoor writer J.R. Absher. The news hound is, as the name implies, a blog that keeps hunters up-to-date with the lasted headline news and comments on many outdoor related issues.

East Coast Hunting: Is devoted to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor sports on the East Coast.

Frank Baron: Not really an outdoor blog, Frank is a writer and avid fisherman. He wrote the book "What Fish don’t Want You To Know” if you do not own this book you're missing out on fishing wisdom (the link will lead you to my book review). His blog is full of satirical and humorous random musings destined to cheer up the dullest person.

Ron’s Journal: A photographer, writer and bowhunter, his blog concentrates on issues in and around the state of Minnesota. I especially appreciate his persistent efforts in exposing the twisted hypocrisy of animal rights organizations such as PETA.

Shed Antler: Ever wondered how to extend your hunting season? Easy! Take up shed antler hunting. On this blog you can find all the information to get you started on this fast expanding sport. Master Shed hunter Steven will show how.

Moose Droppings: Don’t take that literally! Moose lives in North Carolina, he is an avid outdoors man that does it all, hunting and fishing are his game. On his blog he keeps the readers up-to-date with his outdoor endeavors and news from his state.

Whitetail Roundup: This quote says it all; “For those of us who have a true passion for the pursuit of the North American Whitetail Deer, the quest for more knowledge and information on this animal is endless.”

Black Bear Blog: This blog is written by Tom Remington, Co-owner of Skinny Moose Media his blog features the latest news, events and politics effecting the sports of hunting, fishing, and all outdoor activities in North America.

Last but by no means least there is my own network of blogs, besides Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer, the blog you’re reading now, there are four more:

Whitetail Deer Passion: I have a passion for deer hunting and in this blog I share that passion with other deer hunters and in doing so hope to provide my readers with what I have learned from the deer, and has helped me to become a better hunter

Wild Turkey Fever: I get a fever every year, from anticipation, that lasts from the end of deer hunting season to the beginning of the spring turkey hunting season. This blog is dedicated to the turkey hunters and provides answers on hunting these magnificent birds.

Outdoor News Daily: Caters to writers and the informed hunter with daily outdoor headline news fresh of the press.

My Stand: This is the newest child in the fold of my blog family. The name has a double meaning as in hunting “stand” location, and where I “stand” on issues pertaining to hunting. This is the place where I publish my bi-weekly outdoor column.

Looking at this long list of interconnected and interactive blogs you would have to agree with me, that this is one huge and very impressive campfire. So don’t be shy, pull up a stump and join us by visiting each blog. Say hello and join the conversations or tell a story. Oh yea, tell my friends Othmar sent you that will make them happy and me too.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug

Othmar Vohringer said...

You're very welcome editor.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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