Sunday, February 18, 2007

Coyotes Flourish in North Carolina

I just have been informed by Skinny Moose that NC looks forward to a new hunting opportunity. The state, according to Skinny Moose, experiences a coyote population explosion unknown before. Coyotes have expanded over the entire state of North Carolina into every single county.

Hunters are exited as they look forward to a new and surly welcome new game animal to extend the hunting season. Of course most hunters in the Old North State have to learn how to hunt the wily coyote. To help the hunters to understand how to hunt coyotes, explain basic techniques and strategies for the set up, calling and much more the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education set up a seminar held on Saturday Feb. 17.

I am glad for the hunters of NC that they too have the opportunity to hunt coyotes. One little piece of advice from me to my fellow hunters in that state, coyote hunting can be addictive. Coyote hunting can be very challenging due to the coyote’s exceptional sense of smell and eyesight, but also because coyotes are so smart. Proper set up and good camouflage is essential to be successful in harvesting this wily song dogs. Learning to use the proper calls and practicing for long shots on the range will give the hunter an a slight advantage too.

Update March 10, 2008.
I just learned about the North Carolina Predator Hunter Association. On their website and forum you can find more information about coyote hunting in that state.

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Editor said...

interesting post.
I don't recognize you from your new picture. :)

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Editor. I keep changing the picture as the seasons change. The cold wither is over - at least here in British Columbia - and so it was time to ditch the winter outfit and get something more in tune with the spring season. In the summer I might put a picture up showing me with T-Shirt fishing on a lake.

-Othmar Vohringer-

DNR said...

Hey some good info as I am from N.C. Here's a couple more coyote hunting tips for those interested.

Effectively Using A Hunting Partner
Place your hunting buddy to the left or the right, where he can observe behind you (downwind). If you stand near the bottom of a valley, you can make the calling from up one side and your spouse can sit on the opposite side where he can notice everything above you. The idea is to select a place where your buddy can watch the coyotes approaching you, even if you cannot see them. You can do an extremely good job alone, but some coyotes will circle and sneak up on you from behind and eventually leave without you having any idea that they were there.

Different Shots Require Different Guns
When calling in brush or dense cover, carry a shotgun instead of a rifle as the action is liable to be right in your lap. Every time you call in a region with patches of open ground interspersed with heavy cover you should carry both a shotgun for close-up shooting and a scoped rifle for distant shots.

Anonymous said...

What do you do with the coyote after you shoot it? Eat it? Bring it home and show your kids? Let it rot in the woods? I honestly don't see how ruuning around the woods with a gun looking for something to shoot can be addictive. You people are ridiculous.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Anonymous - Coyotes have no natural predators that hunt them and therefore they populate very quickly. If coyotes are not controlled through selective hunting they quickly would destroy all other wildlife, which has already happened in areas where they cannot be hunted.

You may find hunting ridiculous but hunting remains a very viable wildlife management tool. In fact if it where not for hunters North American wildlife would face the same fate as European wildlife. It is thanks to hunters that we have such a rich variety of wildlife in abundance that can be enjoyed by everybody. Even by those that do not like hunting.

To answer your question. Nothing gets wasted. Some hunters do indeed eat coyote meat. Other hunters keep the fur which makes warm clothing for cold winters. The coyotes that are left in the woods will become nutritious food for smaller predators. Like I said nothing gets wasted in nature and hunters are a part of that nature since the dawn of human kind.


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