Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Different Kind of Hunter.

I am not the only hunter in our family. “Artemis Graphics & Design”, my wife, hunts too. Her choice of weapons are not the bow and rifle – not yet anyway – it’s the camera. The tactics of hunting with a camera are very similar in that the object has to be scouted out first. From that scouting trip the right time of day to photograph the object and the frame are established. Of course, just like in real hunting, there are opportunities abound and that is one of the reasons why my wife has her camera handy at all times, be that on walks with the dog, a trip to the grocery store or working in the garden, the camera is always within reach.

The other day my wife needed the car to run some errands and drove me to work at 5:30am in the morning. On the way to the house she took a detour and drove trough the beautiful countryside. Below I show you her catch of that day.

An old hay barn near the river looks nothing special in bright daylight but right at dawn with the fog rising from the river and the surrounding delta it becomes magic.

A little bunny rabbit enjoys the first tender grasses as it wearily gazes at the camera to pose for a moment before it bounces off.

Ducks and geese take their offspring for a swim. The mother goose always alert looks at the stranger while mother duck pays no mind and carries on finding food for her ducklings.

Just a few miles from our house three deer crossed the highway coming from a small woodlot and going into a plant nursery for lunch. This button buck paused just long enough for my wife to stop the car and take the picture.

Just the other day my wife casually mentioned to me at the dinner table that she has counted her photo stock and that there are over 17,000 images on file in categories such as flowers, wildlife, domestic animals, landscapes, people, places, to mention a few plus sub-categories. Most of that photo stock is available for licensing.

Here you can see a small selection of photos and graphic art or you can contact Artemis Graphic and Design for more information about her available stock photography and graphic designs.

And here you can read more about this talented photographer and graphic designer.

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Kristine Shreve said...

Those are some amazing photos. I particularly like the barn in the fog. I'd hang that one on my wall.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. She is a very talented photographer.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you Kristine. I will pass the compliment on to my wife. I too like the picture of the barn at dawn very much and the little bunny rabbit.

Even if I say so myself. From the moment I meet my wife I knew she is very talented with her camera and later found that she is just as talented with paintbrushes. Today she does most of her art on the computer with programs like Corel and PaintShop. Like many truly talented artists, my wife was very shy at the beginning to promote her art and photography. After years of pushing and compliments from many people plus winning a few contests convinced her to start and make a living of it. To me it is beautiful so see that she can earn a living by doing something she really loves doing.

Many photos I posted here in the past are from her stock. In the near future I will post a graphic of fish that she made for a mural contest and came out as the winner.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Marian said...

Othmar...your wife is very very talented...I love the one of the old hay barn. What type of camera does she use? Thanks for sharing some of her pictures with us. Looking forward to seeing more. Marian

Othmar Vohringer said...

Hi Marian nice to see you back here. My wife uses several cameras. I am not too familiar with all the technical specification. She use Minolta cameras, for every day use she has a smaller digital camera and for planned work she uses the larger SLR cameras and several lenses ranging from 17mm to 600mm. As of this writing she looks into purchasing a SLR digital camera body, but they are very expensive and as I understand Minolta has stopped making SLR cameras. Now she has to find a camera body that will support her Minolta lenses.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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