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Christmas Gifts For Hunters And Anglers

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Christmas is just around the corner and as every year I offer you my list of presents for the avid hunter.

I start the list with three books that will be much appreciated reading during the long cold winter days.

Fish Cops & game Wardens
By Bill Otway

Fish Cops & Game Wardens tells first hand account stories of game wardens, conservation officers and fisheries officers that Bill has met and befriended in half a century of involvement in the domain of wildlife and fisheries conservation efforts. The stories in the book are humorous, others make the reader think and still other stories are so hilarious they make you laugh. Whatever the story may be, humorous, thrilling or compassionate, they are all real live experiences and the stuff campfire stories are made of that will be told and retold for generations to come.

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Bear Hunting Book and Video
By Justin Ott

The book and accompanying video covers everything a beginning bear hunter needs to know and I am convinced that even advanced and veteran bear hunters will be able to pick a few things up they have never known or need to be reminded of. In 13 chapters the book covers information about the black bear and conservation and then moves on to important things like where and how to find bears. In other chapters different hunting tactics are knowledgably explained. There are sections on hunting bears with rifles and archery equipment. Hunting bears from the ground, over bait, from treestands and stalking bears is all covered in subsequent chapters.

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Inside The Wild
By L.W. Oakley

Inside The Wild is a detailed account of L.W. Oakley’s life as a hunter and nature enthusiast among a close-knit circle of hunting friends whose adventures into the wild world of northern Ontario have shaped his beliefs and opinions of what hunting and nature means to him.

I have read the book from the first to the last page and often found it hard to put it down. Oakley is a great storyteller while passing along some valuable insights for us to consider without sounding preachy. I particularly enjoyed how Oakley starts each chapter with a personal story he experienced with his hunting friends. Some of these stories make you think while others make you smile or even laugh.

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Dress In Style

How about some beautifully designed T-Shirts for your favourite hunter or huntress?

When I go out in town I like to spread the message that I am a hunter and angler, and that I am proud of it. However, I never wear camouflage clothing in town or even around the neighbourhood. There are other ways, much more stylish, to let people know that I hunt.

T-Shirts with nice hunting and fishing motives are one of my favourites. It is difficult for me at times to find something that suits my style and is non-offensive to people that do not hunt. Obviously I wouldn’t wear anything that says something like “Buck Killer” printed on the shirt. My choice of hunting “advertisement” is exactly what the Texas based company Field Dress offers to hunters and fishers.

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ASAT Camouflage designed to fool deer not hunters

Stan and Jim, the designers of ASAT, believed that a lot of camo available at the time had been designed like fishing lures - to catch the hunter rather than help catch the quarry. They knew that just because a pattern looks good in a store or in a small isolated field situation, it doesn't mean that it will work well under all conditions and at all times of the year. What Stan and Jim ultimately decided to do was develop a camo pattern that would be good at all times, in any environment, to fool any game animal or bird. It was a tall order, but the pair felt that they had succeeded with ASAT. Obviously, many hunters felt and still feel, the very same way.

As an animal behaviourist I did my own research on camouflage patterns and found ASAT to be the only one designed to fool animal vision. Consequently. ASAT is my choice of camouflage for the last 16 years. I wear ASAT on all my hunts in any terrain and in any season.

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Magnet Gun Caddy

The Magnet Gun Caddy is one of these rare “Wow” moment products that make you think, “Why hasn’t somebody thought earlier of that.” As with most of these exceptional products the genius lays in the sheer simplicity of the design that fulfills a real need. I lost count of how many times I came back to the truck from a hunting or fishing trip with both hands full of gear. I would have to lean the rifle, gun or fishing rod against the truck to free one hand up to get the key out of my pocket and unlock the truck.

More times than I care to remember the firearm or rod slipped and fell to the ground scratching the paint on the truck in the course of it. With the Magnet Gun Caddy this will never happen again.

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Heirloom Custom Game Calls

Anybody that hunts for a year or tow has learned one important lesson when it comes to calling game animals into shooting range. The more realistic you create the illusion of real live animal sounds the more likely it is that you will get a positive response.

Brian Warner, founder and operator of Heirloom Game Calls, is not only an avid hunter but also an excellent woodcraftsman with solid knowledge of natural animal sounds. Combining his talents he is able to create the most realistic sounding game calls available on the market. Each call is personally hand tuned by Brian before it leaves his shop. Just good is not good enough for Brian it has to be perfect. This same quality control extends to his woodworking skills. Each call is beautifully handcrafted to exact tolerances. Heirloom Calls are just that; Heirlooms that will handed down from generation to generation.

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Final Approach Eliminator Cargo Blind

I’ll admit it. When I hunt I like comfort. Especially when I hunt ducks and geese, which involves hours of sitting motionless in often wet and cold weather conditions. One aspect of hunting waterfowl that I never liked much is sitting in cold, wet, dug-out blinds.

With that in mind I looked forward to field-testing the new Final Approach Eliminator Cargo Blind. When the package arrived the first thing that surprised me was the relatively small size of an object large enough to comfortably accommodate a grown person. At the same time I was worried that I would have to do a lot of assembly work.

The Final Approach Eliminator Cargo Blind is without a doubt in my mind the most practical, comfortable and useful goose hunting blind I have ever had the pleasure of using and field-testing.

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