Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BC Outdoors Forum, The Place To Be

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I am sure you’re all familiar with online hunting forums. These forums can be great fun but these places also can be, and often are, embroiled in heated discussions and opinionated comments that quickly can turn ugly.

The BC Outdoors magazine, British Columbia’s premier hunting and fishing authority for over 65 years, has gone a different. When BC Outdoors created a new website they not only added hunting and fishing blogs written by professional outdoor writers, but new forum too.

The BC Outdoors Forum is not your ordinary run of mill forum but rather a place where hunters and anglers can come to ask writers more detailed questions about articles they read in the magazine. There are a number of hunting and angling experts that will provide guidance, advice and provide answers to questions. It’s the ideal place to get to know your BC Outdoor writers on a more personal level that this would be possible in the magazine. This is the ideal place for resident hunters to look for expert advice or for anglers and hunters that would like to visit British Columbia.

Of course, like any other forum, hunters and anglers are welcome to discuss anything related to our great outdoor heritage. BC Outdoors, the place to be.


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