Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knight Muzzleloaders Are Back

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For me it was a sad day on June 01, 2009 when I had to report that Knight Rifles closed the door as another victim of the economic downturn. I guess with guns it’s the same as with the first real love. My first in-line muzzleloader was a Knight Wolverine and I fell in love with it. Since then Knight has always been my favourite muzzleloader and every other brand I owned was compared to it.

With that said I am understandably thrilled to tell you today that Knight Muzzleloader is back in business. Last week the new line-up of guns was launched on the new website.

The new muzzleloader lineup includes the Mountaineer, Disc Extreme, Bighorn, TK 2000 (a in-line turkey muzzleloader shotgun) and the Long Range. Just from looking at the new rifles – I have yet to hold one in my hands – I am partial to the Mountaineer and the Bighorn muzzleloader because the two models remind me of my trusted Wolverine. Of course technology has advanced sine then.

The Bighorn features an ignition system that lets you use 209 primers, #11 or musket caps. The Mountaineer is the newest addition to the lineup. With the bare 209 ignition system and DynaTek® bore coating the company guarantees pinpoint accuracy to 200 yards.

It’s great to have this company back. How about you? Have you hunted with Knight muzzleloaders and are glad they’re back?


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Ian Nance said...

Love my Knight Disc Rifle. Good to know they are back.

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